Zillennium is a leading Real Estate Marketplace—a convenient and smart property trading platform of choice.

More than just a platform, we provide one-stop shop integrated solutions for property-related decisions—which we believe is a crucial ecosystem to support socio-economic development in emerging markets.

the Trading Platform

The CORE business for Zillennium is “Online Property Trading”, but prior to the Online Trading Platform, we have been trading some properties offline to pilot our projects.


Since June 2018 we have closed deals of 20 Transactions,
worth of $ 8,000,000 in value.


USD 8,000,000

other services

Property Appraisal

Since 2011, we have been providing Real Estate Appraisal services, as one of the Top 5 in Cambodia. By the end of 2018, we will take a LEAD in providing Automated Valuation System—with more than 100,000+ accumulated data—to bring more productivity and efficiency to the sector—not only for the Service Providers but also for Financial Institutes and Public Users.

Agency Service

We also own Master Franchises of Century 21 and ERA in Cambodia. To date, we have about 500 Agents in town. We will launch 36 representative offices nation-wide by the first quarter 2019.

To support the agency service we are also developing a property web portal to leverage the CRM service by the end of 2018.